Anti-bullying week

This afternoon the children spent time discussing what bullying means, how we can prevent it and what to do if you feel like you are being bullied. The children showed an excellent understanding and were clear on STOP (several times on purpose).

We also discussed how sometimes when you say things you can’t take it back. This was illustrated with a tube of toothpaste. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube it is very hard to get it back inside.


Walk to the woods with two furry friends

This morning the children walked to the woods and were joined by Mrs Nicholson and her dogs. On the walk the children noted down things that they could see, hear, smell and touch and also the dogs reactions. The walk supports our work on 101 Dalmatians and writing from different perspectives. The children will be writing two pieces of work, one from their perspective and one from the dogs.


On Friday the children created a wreath to show their respect to the soldiers who fought for our country during World War 1 and 2. The children used their hands to create it just like the soldiers used theirs.

The children also created poppies out of heart shapes. The poppies are displayed in the corridor linking our World War 1 and 2 display boards.

Maths egg hunt

The crayons from our book decided to challenge us to an egg hunt. The children worked in groups to find out who had hidden the eggs, solving their maths calculation questions.

It turned out to be the red and green crayon. The children did a fantastic job and worked well in their teams supporting each other.