How much gas in a fizzy drink?

Today the year 4’s learnt about the gas that is added to fizzy drinks. The children took part in an experiment to find out if the weight changed when the fizzy drink was flat.


Chinese dragons

This afternoon the children shared their holiday homework. The children presented some beautiful pieces of work. I am very proud of all of their efforts.

Life as an evacuee

Yesterday the children received a strange delivery. They came up with some interesting ideas about who it belonged to and where it came from.

Once the suitcase was opened the children were able to see the items children who were being evacuated would have to take with them. I think a few of the children were shocked by the small amount of shoes they were allowed to take.

Once the children had packed their case they were given a name tag and were ready to board the train. The children were able to explain their emotions at the various parts of the journey.

On board the train, the children were given an evacuees packed lunch. It consisted of a sandwich, a dry biscuit and a hard boiled sweet. I will let the children tell you what was inside their sandwiches.

It was brilliant to see the children engaging in discussions about how an evacuee would have felt. The children came up with some thoughtful ideas.